Top 27 Phil Mitchell Quotes

Dreams are what keep us growing. They are what keep us alive. To give up, is to let our dreams die.


The simple things in life last a lot longer in your heart


Every Child Deserves A Chance To Live Their Own Dream


Freedom is more than just a willingness to live; it is a force that binds us all. Being truly free is seeing America as our “heart and home.” Uniting around a common good will help bring us together in true happiness into the future.


Be cheerful ten times as much as you complain. Communicate and listen more than you are silent with others. In other words, put on a happy face and be positive in your life. You only have one life to live.


A strong person has faithand builds for the future


The most important parts of building a family are “God’s Love” and “Meaningful Friendships.


People who seek the truth never stop looking for it


Even a lion finds time to relax and look for a good spot.


Spend every moment in “Hope” and “Love” for God for he has risen and brought us courage.


Be a Force of Good in the World. You can’t change everything.


What God cares about most is that we live a good life. The apostles were good examples. He does not expect perfection. Choosing the right road will help lead us to heaven.


We need to go beyond the “Crossroads” to healing as a nation, to not loose focus of the values that made us, and to always be on the path towards compassion and love


If America is to be strong in the future, Americans must see America as home, not divided by race or region. Build American jobs for the future and come together with compassion to solve problems.


Healing in America is being able to call it our home, to build a future for our children, to still believe in tough times, to remember our forefathers, and stepping forward together towards a common solution


An essential part of teachingis to show how to enjoy learning.


I can’t say enough how important is the spiritual lifeto know God is with you all the timegives you confidence


How can you know God if you don’t seek out his voice, find it, and learn to follow the path he is leading you on


You can not have peace with just feelings. It comes only about by prayer and being on the journey. Like the wise men, find your peace this Christmas.


How can you know God if you don’t seek out his voice, find it, and learn to follow the path he is leading you on?


You were born on a certain day, in a certain place, and on a certain time. God has a plan for you.


Learn how to leave yourself behind, read between the lines, and let your spirit soar…take our Heavenly Father’s guiding hand.


Be thankful for the simple things and God’s love and you will never be disappointed when life gets hard.


Dreams are what keep us growing. they are what keep us alive…io give up is to let our dreams die……….


Most people decide to be a force of good when they either reach rock bottom, are trying to go to heaven, or find out that being good helps hold things together


Geothermal energy should be a priority in a ever increasing warmer planet. It is kind of like cooking a chicken from the outside. Eventually, the underlying parts get well done.


A good businessman knows how to make a profit. An engineer makes sure it runs well. We need more leaders who are task oriented.



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