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Dialogue is about freeing human beings from the beliefs and attitudes that make human beings miserable.


One of the most human things that you can do is reach out for the stars knowing that you might not ever touch them; we are all perfectly imperfect, but to live knowing so is to be a fulfilled human being.


Life is a dance more than it is an assertion and there is more health in dynamism or fluidity than there is rigidity and stasis.


This world is your world but that doesn’t mean you can always stop it from burning.


Dialogue helps us to acknowledge that we see the world not as it is, but as we are.


Practicing dialogue helps you to cultivate a realness that allows you to face reality on its own terms, not just the terms you’d like it to have in order to remain in your comfort zone.


When people challenge your ideas, they help you (whether they know it or not).


Dialogue teaches you to listen through your emotions, not to become distracted or distanced from the truth because of them.


Dialogue is about creating awareness through self-observation; it starts from the inside out, not the outside in.


We have to accept that much of reality is ineffable and so to understand it we can’t rely on words alone.


Dialogue is an opportunity for people to communicate from outside the limitations of their points of view. When we enter a circle of dialogue, there are no labels, only human beings.


I decided to give up meaningless sex, but then I remembered that everything is meaningless.


The final lesson is that ‘reality’ is always the way to go and that acceptance is the only way to get there.


If philosophy gets you lost in the labyrinth of symbols that distance us from reality, then it is part of the problem; if it motivates positive action that can create a better world, philosophy is usually a gift.


Nobody is going to save you but yourself and the ‘best’ and only way to do so isthrough action.


If humans created it then it is the product of a choice that somebody made. And if it was chosen it can be changed.


There are two types of ‘busy’: 1)Constantly distracting yourself from what is true. 2) Constantly working to create something real.


If we go in to each situation that life throws at us with an attitude that we canlearn from it then we will never be truly defeated.


Dialogue reminds us that we can question to build, not only to doubt or deconstruct.


See yourself as a long-term work in progress, not a short-term project of preservation.


Dialogue with the self is the source of all insight and insight is the only thing that can change your life.


Dialogue can help you find out if you’ve been brainwashed or not.


Only ever doing what feels comfortable is a form of suicide.


Familiarity breeds contempt, for others at first, but then inwardly, contempt towards ourselves.


It is essential to our health and happiness that we dedicate ourselves to some kind of mission or purpose that transcends the mundane hustle and bustle of daily living.


Having problems doesn’t make you noble or virtuous, it makes you human. Nobility and virtue comes from the way that you handle your problems and either learn to move past them or live with them if out of your control.


Unleash in the right time and place before you explode at the wrong time andplace.



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