Top 27 Angelos Michalopoulos Quotes

A good loneliness is better than a bad friendship.


I trust the man, much less the men, not at all the crowd.


When a man decides to destroy his past, he automatically ends up destroying the part of his future that he will need the most


My meanness has an ego too, often bigger than my own.


We not only don’t have fun with what we are supposed to enjoy,but whatever we don’t enjoy has started having fun with us.


Create a tomorrow that has more than just one day in it.


Don’t ask me to distance myself from the person I cannot become.


How will I ever learn to forget what I can no longer delete?


In a family, no matter how dysfunctional she is, when one member loses, when one becomes smaller, all lose, all end up becoming smaller.


Unfortunately I never learnedhow to touch my truth without breaking it.


I am more free than I think and more enslaved than I fear.


I am the product of any imperfection of mine I have never used to make my life better.


The only thing that is stronger than what I fear is what I believe in.


I have to find out who I am before my doubts discover it first.


What do you call a slap that`s waiting an inch away from your cheek refusing to back away? A caress


Each time you stare at a blank page, you end up staring at yourself.


In order to faster become the person I wanted to, I decided to deceive my own dreams.


There are no insensitive hearts, just hearts that don`t find it profitable anymore to feel.


How is it possible, as you get to know someone better, to realize how good his past is at not letting you find out anything more about him?


Neither wit nor beauty nor riches can conquer misery, only kindness can.


When I learned how to calculate, I stopped counting. When I learned how to smile, I stopped being afraid. When I learned to understand what my cowardice wants from me, I stopped retreating.


Emotional fog is what a man feels when he begins to answer the questions he has not yet dared to ask himself.


The dictatorship of hate has by now completely vanquished the democracy of pleasure.


I was always able to descend the uphills of my life faster than I could ascend its downhills.‬


It`s not darkness that turns off the lights in your life, it`s your sadness that does it.


Whenever man fights with somebody else he is fighting with his own truth at the same time


No matter how many hours you keep undressing yourself you will never be able to take all your clothes off until you first manage to love your nakedness.



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