Top 26 Suzette R. Hinton Quotes

They say that knowledge is power. I believe that is only partially true. Knowledge is power only if your Wise Self interprets how it relates to you.


We know how to work hard. We know how to go for the goal. We know how to achieve, achieve, achieve but we don’t know how to enjoy the journey.


I dare say that if you aren’t showing up as you, you aren’t showing up at all. You are sending a phony, a counterfeit. It isn’t you. You might even reach a goal and have happiness, but the day will come that you’ll need more.


If we fast forward through the journey, like Adam Sandler in the movie, Click, we’ll look up one day and see that we missed our lives.


Certainly, it’s wise to ask for counsel in whatever you endeavor to do. There is safety in that. But when the asking comes from a place of dependence, it is unhealthy.


If there’s going to be pain anyway, I’d rather it be the pain of growth rather than the pain of staying stuck.


I believe that purpose is not only a destination but it is the energy that pushes us toward its fulfillment.


Honoring your feelings awakens your soul. Feelings keep you awake. And it is from that awake place, that sound, that you build your life.


Dancing is about enjoying life. One of the hardest things for us to do is to dance.


Your humility is what secures your future and there is nothing like accountability partners who keep you real.


Men want to be known and loved for who they are by women.


I want to speak to the dream in your heart. That dream that has taken a backseat as you have strived to live up to something different.


Every life has a sound. A voice to be heard. A song to be sung. A note to be played.


Pay your bills, yes. But don’t invest in them. Invest in your dreams. What you invest in grows.


Every step you take, every breath, every conversation, your calling is center stage. There is no longer a piece here and a piece there, but there is wholeness. The sound of your voice and the sound of your life have come together.


There is a rest that comes when you live out of your sound. Silence is no longer something to be avoided. It signifies a soul at rest.


You don’t need everybody, just the right somebody!


A woman in love is her most lovely. A relationship end does not change that unless she lets it.


You are the only author of your book that matters.


Every good love story has a start and a finish. What matters is what happens in the middle.


Your fear ain’t nothin but gum on the bottom of your shoe. The residue from some past experience is all it is. You can scrape the gum off or it can serve as a reminder of your testimony of survival.


If you are single and don’t want to be. The only regret is staying that way.


Life is so much more about the experience than the destination. One will waste their life if they are waiting to reach a goal to celebrate. Still, it happens all the time.


Recovery is most often associated with some type of illness, addiction or mental health issue. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the struggle of getting back to where you were before the sound went out.


If it took your authentic voice to get you there, it will take your authentic voice to keep you there. Your job is to keep listening.


The one thing I have that nobody else has or can duplicate is my sound. The sound of my voice. The sound of my life. Others may say similar things but they can’t say them like I do.



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