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Once trust is built, distance cannot kill it. Time and space alone cannot destroy authentic connection.


The history of your happiness is the history of your feeling connected.


To know yourself, you must first sacrifice the illusion that already you do.


A soul mate is not found. A soul mate is recognized.


Only love that continues to flow in the face of anger, blame, and indifference can be called love. All else is simply a transaction.


If you do not respect your own wishes, no one else will. You will simply attract people who disrespect you as much as you do.


In some ways, we will always be different. In other ways, we will always be the same. There is always room to disagree and blame, just as there is always room to take a new perspective and empathize. Understanding is a choice.


The important thing is for me to feel love towards my fellow human beings—and sometimes, that has to be at a distance.


Self-love is essential. Until you can learn how to feel loved in an empty room, you will not feel loved for very long in any other room.


There is no quick fix-all procedure to heal your insecurities. Like any relationship, the relationship with yourself must be built and re-built one kind, loving conversation at a time.


Have the courage to love yourself like you always wished someone would.


Sometimes, to love people, I must completely avoid them. Sometimes, to be strong, I must completely fall apart. Sometimes, to create, I must completely destroy.


If we learn to be responsible for our own emotions, thoughts, and needs, then we can see other people for who they are as opposed to what they can do for us.


Fear echoes your self-defined limitations, not your actual ones. To change your self-image, you must face what scares you.


Letting go of who you’re supposed to be and discovering who you really are is a journey of many experiences, but certainty is not one of them. No matter how long you wait, it’ll never feel safe enough. Plunge in anyway.


Inspiration is a spark. It is nothing unless we use it to build a fire.


Sometimes to love people, I must completely avoid them. Sometimes, to be strong, I must completely fall apart. Sometimes, to create, I must completely destroy.


Change is not something you do. Change is something you allow.


It will take as long as it takes. Your work is to take the time and make the space. Everything else is beyond your influence.


It is only by seeing beauty in everything that we can see it in any one single thing, day after day. Don’t run into the arms of obsession, for that quickly fades. Long lasting love comes from an open, loving heart.


Eyes which feast on the beauty of the world will always look beautiful to others. That which receives beauty exudes it as well.


Each person you admire is simply a reminder of your own latent excellence, your own unacknowledged beauty.


The more you’ve struggled, the more inspiring your story will be when you come out the other side. Do not give up. Today’s struggle brings tomorrow’s wisdom.


Only when we face the impossible, and experience the unbearable, do we find out who we truly are.


To liberate yourself from your own self-judgment is to liberate others from it as well. To love yourself is an act of love for the world.


There is a difference between working hard to create a life that truly serves you and working hard to create a life that you’ve been told you should want.


There are few things more powerful than people united. What they unite over is not what matters. … The most important aspect is remembering our existing connection, and, through that, allowing ourselves to feel at peace.


Temporary, but excruciating, pain is the price of healing.


Every bit of pain can be a blessing if we choose to listen to its message.


Emotional pain cannot kill you, but running from it can. Allow. Embrace. Let yourself feel. Let yourself heal.


Your pain is trying to tell you something. It is not an accident, a curse, or an inconvenience. Pain is a form of self-communication.


A happy person is not without sorrow or grief. Happiness is the acceptance of pain, not the lack of it.


Happiness isn’t about pretending there’s no pain. It’s about accepting the pain as a part of healing and doing your best to nurse your own wounds with love and patience.


At the end of the day, your relationships with the people in your life will be greater assets than any material things. Take time. Be present. You’ll thank yourself for it later.


To spend your time trying to make your body flawless is to waste your time. Even if it appears to match some externalized ideals of perfection for a moment, your physical self will wrinkle and age. Work on your mind. Work on your legacy.


We speak about losing our minds as if it is a bad thing. I say, lose your mind. Do it purposefully. Find out who you really are beyond your thoughts and beliefs. Lose your mind, find your soul.


There is no transcending our minds, only using them optimally.


The self-judging person will always judge others. The rubric we develop for ourselves, the measuring stick we put against our own mind and body, generalizes to every other human being.


Love is more abundant than we could possibly imagine. Just like there is more air than we could possibly breathe in, there is more love than we could possibly perceive.


The next stage of evolution is the evolution of perception, the evolution of the mind.


This is what a real teacher does: she opens the gates of our minds to the possibilities of the soul.


The mind, just like the body, becomes exactly what it is fed. While the body is nourished by food, the mind is nourished by thoughts.


Many so-called disorders of the mind are simply disorders of thought.


In our thoughts, we hold the key to our feelings. In our minds, we hold the key to love.


There are few things more powerful than people united.


We crave magic because we are magic. We crave power because we are pure power.


Sometimes, breaking down is the bravest thing you can do.


The most effective and permanent way to silence fears is to face them.


Do not settle for labels that presume you will never heal. Believe in yourself. Find a tribe who understands and believes in you too. Don’t ever give up.


Don’t let what you thought you were yesterday keep you from becoming what you’re meant to be today.


I know of no better or quicker way to step into my greatness than to step out of what’s familiar.


Courage is your natural setting. You do not need to become courageous, but rather peel back the layers of self-protective, limiting beliefs that keep you small.


In your heart, you have a song that will change the world, once you give yourself permission to sing.


In truth, people know very little about each other. I only know as much about you as I know about myself.


Just like your body naturally responds positively to some foods, your mind naturally responds positively to some thoughts.


Love is the essential ingredient. Without it, sex is meaningless, approval is bribery, and success is short-lived.


The human being is so complicated in some ways, and yet so simple in others. Sometimes, we need complex medication regimens. Yet, sometimes, we just need a good cry.


You do not need any more strength. You only need to realize how strong you already are.


You do not need any more strength. You need only to realize how strong you already are.


There’s nothing more beautiful than authenticity. There’s nothing stronger than vulnerability. There’s no better time than now.


We can only discover our true strength through struggle. Don’t give up. Find out what you’re made of.


You matter. You’re not broken. You’re stronger than you think.


Every time I watch a person awaken to their inner strength, I see what we’re made of, and we’re magnificent. We’re brilliant. We really are. We crave magic because we are magic. We crave power because we are pure power.


It is not how many times we get lost, but how many times we seek the path, again and again, that determines our level of consciousness.


Self-improvement without self-love is like building a house upon sand. You can build and build, but it will always sink.


Day after day, more and more medications are prescribed for depression and addiction, assuming that these things run in our blood, when really they run in our patterns of awareness.


There is a difference between judgment and feedback. Your critics use you as a mirror for their own hidden darkness. Your teachers hold up a mirror to yours.


To teach someone a lesson, show them how it’s done. Force is a temporary solution. Judgment is no solution at all.


The people in your life will either help you shake hands with yourself or they’ll teach you what you don’t want. Everyone, eventually, does one or the other. All pain transforms to learning. All love transforms to self-awareness.


Peace is not the absence of pain, but the welcoming of pain as a teacher.


Everything you want lies on the other side of learning to trust yourself. Take a chance. Have faith. You already know who you are, what you want, and where you want to go.


Fly blindly, trust is full of magic. Let your wild voice guide the way.


When you slip up and let yourself back into old, toxic patterns of thinking, forgive yourself before you try to fix yourself.


This is, perhaps, the greatest challenge of our time – to love in the absence of any immediate rewards for our love.


The transformed person is a revolutionary only because he has revolutionized himself. He gives the people inspiration by holding up a mirror to their inner substance.


If you ate nails, your stomach would hurt, and it’s a good thing that it would. Eating nails is deadly, thus the pain is helpful. Like this, sadness, anger, and anxiety are not to be feared or shamed, but listened to and decoded.


Fall open. Break open. Sit with others’ openness. Let love be your medicine.


Kindness that turns to bitterness when it is not appreciated was never kindness at all.


To help people, love them. Then, they help themselves.


People who don’t know how to use their minds can’t really know how to use their hearts either.


By serving humanity, I automatically serve myself.


We deny the same love to others that we deny ourselves. We distort others in the same way we distort ourselves.


When you see a person acting violently, ask yourself whether he knows how powerful he is. If he knew his power, would he feel the need to assert it?


Though your acts of love and compassion cannot penetrate bandages or armour, they are never wasted and never lost. They sit within the recipient’s mind, awaiting his awakening.


Once you understand love, you don’t need a reward your kindness or compassion just like you don’t need a reward for breathing.


In the world of so-called villains, what we need is not another hero. What we need is to stop the influx of people who dress themselves as menaces and proceed to harm others.


It is only once you see the baffled expression on the face of your enemy when you give his cruel words a warm smile that you’ll understand, truly understand, what love is all about.


Be kind to yourself. Remember that when you abuse yourself, you will experience the anger, regret, and apathy of the bully as well as the depression, anxiety, and insecurity of the victim. Whatever you do, be kind to yourself.


Peace and love are just as contagious as anger and fear. Your mindset affects the people around you and perpetually changes the world. The question is – what kind of world are you creating? What new society are you thinking into existence?


No one is too poor to give a smile – a gift, often, of greater consequence than any sum of money.


Watch your thoughts, for they will become the words of people you draw to yourself.


A healthy mind observes and questions itself. This is the path to inner peace and happiness. Don’t believe everything you think.


There are few things more destructive than thoughts believed without question.


The same way that a tiny thought in our childhood can manifest thirty years later as an anxiety disorder, one tiny thought right now can manifest just six months from now as unconditional love and unshakable happiness.


When we suffer in silence, we think that we are alone, different, separate. When we share our stories of suffering, we find that we are the same.


We are like puzzle pieces who are perfectly suited to make a giant picture together, but we are assembling ourselves in the dark.


The child will leave the nest. The best paint job will crack. The best play will become boring. The best work will grow tedious. The best art will lose meaning. The greatest creation will decay. Behind all this, lies my true self.


In love, there is no need to choose between self and other, because self is other.


I cannot be broken. I cannot be killed. I cannot fail. This is my identity. This is my core. I am infinite. I am permanent. I am unbreakable.


Those who love, truly love, can be coerced into nothing.


Remember who you really are. You cannot be destroyed or hurt. You cannot be harmed or killed. You, the real you, will always be present and powerful.


We all dream of being exactly what we are – powerful, beautiful, and worthy.


Fear is just a misunderstanding of your immortality.


Within, you hold a tiny piece of eternity, a fraction of life, a mirror of the universe.


We feel good when we hear about how powerful we are because we are pure power.


Love me only for my actions, and I will grow stressed. Love me only for my body, and I will grow paranoid. Love me only for my words, and I will grow bitter.Love me only for my soul, and I will grow.


Your relationship to yourself is and always will be directly reflected in all your relationships with others.


If I say, “I am weak,” I ensure that I stay weak. If I say, “I cannot,” “I’m not the type to,” “I am not able,” then I set up a self-fulfilling prophecy. As I think of myself, so I shall be.


We throw away real people searching for the “perfect” person the same way that we throw ourselves away searching for our “perfect” self.


Self-love is not the process of ignoring your flaws. Self-love is expanding your awareness to include your flaws and your strengths.


Learning to love yourself is like learning to walk—essential, life-changing, and the only way to stand tall.


There is no way to genuinely, powerfully, truly love yourself while crafting a mask of perfection.


Worth is not something you can buy for $39.99, nor something you can lose with 10 extra pounds. Self-judging people make good consumers. Start a revolution. Love yourself.


The greatest tool of self-love is self-awareness. Once you truly know yourself, love is the only option.


When we stop looking for someone to complete us… We find completion in ourselves.


No loss is without opportunity. No failure is without valuable lessons. Plunge in. It will, at worst, be a valuable experience.


You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be.


Compassion is essential, but it’s not a substitute for self-expression, or self-respect, or self-compassion. Emotional self-care is also essential, but gently soothing our wounds does not replace communicating about them.


The less approval I get, the more chances I have to develop a relationship with my inner sense of approval. Thankless environments are actually useful for this. They help me discover my own thankfulness and my own self-appreciation.


One of the most difficult things I ever did was learn to support myself through my whole range of emotional experiences without running away.


Be real. Be authentic. Be yourself, whatever the emotional cost. Pain goes away, while regret over a life lived trying to be a plastic version of yourself does not.


We try so hard to make ourselves lovable, and yet each layer of this mask puts another wall around us – a wall that keeps love out.


When we stop looking for someone to complete us, we find completion in ourselves.


When your own approval means more than the approval of others, that is self-love.


If you find yourself craving approval, you are low on self-love. Stop grasping for a few scraps wherever you can. Go home and make yourself a feast. Love yourself deeply today.


Who was I fooling, telling my heart to quiet its beautiful song so I could march in the parade of conformity? My biggest fool was me.


The closer you come to your authentic self, the simpler everything becomes. Listen to your intuition. It will tell you who you are.


I am happy not because I am without pain, but because I know I am not that pain.


Be what you are. Do what you love. Speak what you feel. Don’t hide your humanity. Celebrate it. Embrace it.That is how you change the world.


You are nature. You are already perfect, peaceful, and powerful. You don’t need to become anything. You simply need to remember yourself.


Taking care of yourself isn’t about trying to become perfect. It’s about realizing and honouring,in every moment, thatyou already are.


Beautiful isn’t something you become. It’s something you realize you are.


While we tend to think of love as some faraway place, it is actually a place nearby that we have forgotten.


When you discover your own self, you will see that same infinite potential in your lover’s eyes.


It is only because we seek love as if it lives outside of us that we miss it, again and again.


I only accept your mistakes and flaws to the degree that I accept my own.


Discovering the truth of who you are is the only way to love and care for yourself.


My job, my only job here in this moment, is to love myself and, by extension, to love others. My job is just to live and to realize that to live is to love.


The search for the soul mate, the perfect partner to complete you, is a bit like searching for the perfect food when you’ve got a giant ulcer in your stomach. No matter what you find, it will never be good enough.


Most of your healing journey will be about unlearning the patterns of self-protection that once kept you safe.


Emotions are not problems to be solved. They are signals to be interpreted.


Every person is driven to self-deceive, simply to get out of the discomfort of the truth. The best relationships are with people who will not let you be blind. They reveal your hidden strengths and your concealed wounds.


Your darkest moments are not meant to be swept under the carpet, hidden from the world in the silent pursuit of perfection. The darkness you’ve overcome is your ticket into leadership. It’s what you’re meant to light up in the world.


I could not see beauty until I held hands with chaos in silence.


Perhaps the most liberating moment in my life was when I realized that my self-loathing was not a product of my inadequacy but, rather, a product of my thoughts.


A healer is someone who seeks to be the light that she wishes she had in her darkest moments.


Our work is not to become unique. We are unique. Our work is to unleash our sense of adventure and to allow the inner whisper that says “come hither” to be reason enough to go.


The less people know, the more they talk. The less people understand, the more they try to explain.


An act of love is not an act for you and not for me. It is an act for you as well as for me. Love is for us.


Those who seek to listen to their own inner voice forget to listen to the judgment of others.


Our inner wisdom is persistent, but quiet. It will always whisper, but it will never stop knocking at your door.


To persevere is one thing, but to push on ignoring your intuition is something quite different. Self-awareness is the practice of learning the difference.


Some journeys, we must take alone. The caterpillar does not judge itself for craving the cocoon. Do not fear the isolated path. There, you will not be lonely. You will meet yourself.


The greatest freedom in this world is a sense of self detached from appearances so that we may sacrifice today’s comforts for tomorrow’s opportunities.


It is not until you learn to look at yourself, through the truth of who you are, that you can look at someone else.


Whether something is wonderful or horrible, the most harmful thought we can think is “Will this last forever?


To maintain any degree of sanity, we must believe that everything is interconnected on some level and to experience that level fully once in a while.


The ultimate barrier against love is the barrier of the constructed self.


Love, happiness, peace – these are not final destinations. They are in every moment, every breath, everything.


Trying to keep up appearances is a signal of decay on the inside. Beware shallow living—in yourself and in others. It is only in the depths that life can thrive.


Looking with eyes of love is about not only looking, but seeing.


I am happiest when I clear my mind and allow the world around me to reteach me what I thought I already knew.


Love is not the opposite of power. Love IS power. Love is the strongest power there is.


Our minds thirst for anything that reminds us of the deepest wisdom of the soul.


The desire to be loved, to feel loved, is behind every diet, pill, surgery, and lie. It is behind each act of violence and every affair as well as each organized religion and every method of self-help.


Fear becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thinking that there is something to be avoided manifests something to avoid.


We sacrifice our potential because we do not know that we are pure potential.


If the most connected we’ve ever felt with another person was in that brief moment of apology and regret after physical abuse, then we’ll seek that abuse for the rest of our lives.


Those who doubt themselves will doubt you. Those who limit themselves will try to limit you. Do not fight them. Smile, go your own way, and trust that your example is enough.


World peace is really inner peace within each individual mind.


We all know, intuitively, that if something is humanly possible, it is possible for ourselves.


We all have an inner intuition for authenticity, for matched up internal and external truth. When we detect this, we feel immediate comfort. We know truth when we hear it.



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