Top 125 Janvier Chouteu-Chando Quotes

A grandmother’s love is selfless all the way to the bones.


…the depth or humaneness of our love depends on the wideness of our souls.


Evil is something you need to fight until it ceases trying to control you.


…Unsettling emotions are capable of messing up the most beautiful minds in this world.


A man has a hard time feeling fulfilled when he lives a life that does not serve a purpose that is more than himself.


The basis of love that most people share is the intimacy they developed with their partners, the intensity of their attraction, or the similarity of their thought patterns.


What is the purpose of wealth if it cannot serve an ideal that enhances humanity and betters the lives of the people, even if that means those we have never met before in our lives?


A good relationship with our children is the ultimate comfort we have while dying.


We still need to give our best to life even if we do not understand the purpose of our existence on earth.


With true love, you can move mountains, make unusual sacrifices, live a life of deprivations and still be happy.


Never allow yourself to be sapped of your extraordinary energy that is the necessary ingredient for creating something new and progressive.


… People who are the spices of this world are the natural souls with instincts and impulses that have not been pruned by evolution and civilization.


So, you see; you have the soul of a missionary, the heart of a revolutionary and the mind of a reformer. But what are you to yourself and the family and friends who will always be there for you?


Writers are the most pathetic souls when it comes to expressing their own feelings. Their personalities are as complex as the characters they weave.


Some honest people think it is better to know the ways of the devil without being evil.


…our recollections bring out our joyful smiles, but hardly make us chortle or guffaw; our recollections often leave imprints on our faces that show our regrets, but they hardly produce sounds that echo the depth of those regrets.


The selfish and self-centered have a hard time being kind, even though you and I know that kindness is a source of relief to the soul.


I think preconceived ideas or prejudgments are meant to give us an edge whenever we are dealing with others we don’t know or haven’t made the effort to understand.


When we tend to be too hard on those we love, we erode the softness of our souls in the process, taking out the humanity within us that is the nucleus of our goodness, even if our actions are for their own sake.


Perhaps fate has a way of turning things around and making something good out of the action of someone who failed humanity without meaning to.


The scrupulous survivors in life are the best counterweight to unscrupulous survivors.


Most people live lives that are full of mysteries, lives whose ultimate purpose we may never really understand. But for the sake of serenity, we must believe in life’s nobleness.


…the truest feeling of happiness is the security that comes with being loved.


A man can’t talk of true happiness if he has never known true love—the trusting, selfless and unconditional love that I took for granted.


The true leaders of our time, the legends of this world or the movers of the movers are the towering figures that are blessed with beautiful minds, receptive ears and directing voices. They are the ones we should emulate in life.


Singers, actors or artists who touch on sorrow are trying to give comfort to aggrieved souls by giving some meaning to their sorrows.


Man craves joy far more than anything else in life, but there is nothing as madly intoxicating as the feeling of joy that comes from the soul.


Don’t be afraid of those failures that do not lead to a loss of life or that do not incapacitate people.


Love has no color, love has no language and love has no religion.


Kindness is a source of relief to the soul of the giver, creating a sense of fortitude that is incomprehensible to those who do not know what kindness is all about.


We need the wisdom to accept the fact that this world abounds with issues we cannot solve; and we need to part ways with those people, ideas and things that are a vexation to the soul.


The narrow-minded find it convenient to create stereotypes, and then try to fit everybody, everything and every situation into those stereotypes.


Some people live their memorable years fighting against their basic instincts only to succumb in the end to what was actually good for them.


Writers understand the world better, but they lack the strength to change it. Perhaps that is so because they understand their limitations more than others.


Writers are the most tormented of all the different categories of artists that are out there in the world.


A writer needs a partner who can act as fuel to his artistic mind, yet has the great ability to sober him up and help him be in sync with the non-artistic part of his soul.


We always emerge from the death of a loved one like a phoenix arising from its funeral pyre.


When somebody you love dies, a phase of life’s innocence dies with that person, and a part of you dies as well.


Societies and people that come close to being happy are those that do well in narrowing the disparity between their desires and their needs, especially the material things of life.


In the world of today, human desires far supersede human needs. Waste, as you can see, is the result of all of those contradictions. That is how we ended up complicating our world.


…a writer, like most artists, needs a partner who can act as the fuel to his artistic mind and soul, yet has the great ability to sober him up and help him be in sync with the non-artistic part of his soul.


In today’s world, human desires far supersede human needs. Waste, as you can see, is the result of that disparity.


Judgments based on preconceptions make life simple for us to deal with since that means we safely shield ourselves behind barriers of preconception that helped us feel safe in whatever views or assumptions we are having.


We, humans, have come up with so many superficialities that are completely unnecessary for our existence and happiness on earth.


Most people have this tendency to make judgments on others based on preconceptions, especially when they are dealing with them for the first time.


In dealing with others, man is inherently a slave to his preconceptions, to the stereotypes he became familiar with that made life easier for him to comprehend.


Having a deep sense of understanding is a huge burden for a mind that can’t directly influence things.


In your selflessness pursuit of things higher than yourself, you appear selfish or inconsiderate to those who truly love you and who have cared deeply about you from the first day you came into their lives.


There is no bigger gratification than the realization of the things you believe in after overcoming all the odds.


Hold onto your creativity, that idealism that is rooted in some degree of innocence and a firm belief in something finer than the things we already have.


Isn’t reality based on the prevailing culture, the trend that people want to identify with?


What is the purpose of achieving your dream if the people you had dreamed your achievements for are no longer there to reap the benefits?


A yesterday missed can never be found even in a fine tomorrow.


It was one thing to be fooled, and another thing to be taken for a fool all the time.


Love and hate when stretched to their extremes blind reasoning.


He learned…never to show his anger or hatred against a stronger adversary, for fear of being crushed.


A nationalist will blindly follow his country to his death out of love for it. A patriot will stand up for and even against his country to his death out of love for it.


Only a fool would find happiness from an achievement that is detrimental to those he loves.


…No man is foolish when his friend betrays him because a man’s world is most serene when he has people to trust and call friends. After all, is it not often said that a friend is another self?


…Never opt for war, no matter how simple it may seem, especially when you know that peace is achievable, even if achieving that peace entails going through a complicated and protracted process,


… there is no permanence or guarantee in this life.


Obsessive love wears down both its target and the obsessor.


Sometimes, our pride compels us to engage in costly wars when a true commitment to a compromising peace would have been the best course to pursue.


…A canonical leader is someone whose exemplary rule might have appeared to be for the alleviation of the pains and miseries of a particular group, but which in reality is for the advancement of humanism…


…Bad leaders are known to destroy one, more or even all of the foundations of their people’s way of life…


Take a stand that reflects the widest horizons of your soul if you don’t want to be a slave to external powers.


What is there in this big wide world for a man to talk about with certainty besides his homeland, home and family?


Survivors and prevailers are those who love themselves above failure and everything else except the abstract and mysterious.


The Cameroonian soul is genuine. It is noble, and it embodies humanism.


True heroes don’t fall. They only encounter temporary setbacks as they forge ahead towards progress.


…what else do we have to ensure our sanity except our love for something beyond ourselves―our love for our families, our love for our fatherland?


A man who does not honor the company of his true friends will never see the light of true love.


Life is a mighty joke that is not meant to be funny.


It is easier for an ambitious friend to become an enemy than for an enemy to become a friend. It is even easier to make friends than you can find people to trust as friends.


A man’s true world should be the space and people that enrich his soul,


Where else can we find happiness for a day other than from something that can offer momentary relief, something like the booze?


No true…father would be unconcerned about discord in his family that may cause it to disintegrate in his absence…


A woman’s love is all a man should expect from his wife. That love could be translated into so many positive things, especially if it is reciprocated.


Life is a rare fantasy that can be made a reality by being objective.


…political realism is the way forward for any system that is genuinely for humanity or for the interest and advancement of the people of this world.


Even with all its positive attributes, capitalism in its imperialistic form is the most treacherous system mankind ever devised. It is driven by a selfishness that has an almost religious underlining to it.


Our love for our country is worth nothing if it deprives us of our sense of humanity, if it destroys positive consensus.


The vicissitude of life teaches us about our limitations in a world with no guarantees and permanence.


Always strive to get what you want, what you need, especially if your intentions are good and nobody gets hurt in the process.


Huh! Mankind always comes up with ideas to make up for the follies of the status quo. But what happens if those ideas are inflexible and fail to respond to the changing times. They end up betraying the people who believed in them.


True heroes and ideas never fall in the final sense of the word. They can only encounter temporary setbacks in their difficult journey to progress and success,


Fear is a basic human instinct and an indicator of the gravity of a situation. It becomes an asset if it is effectively controlled. It becomes a weakness for a man if he lets it prevail over him.


Human ties are the greatest distorters of reality because they tend to conceal man’s worst selfish instincts.


Expose human ties for what they really are and you are most likely to find the worst forms of betrayal staring back at you.


There are times in life when we need to allow a sad memory to run its course.


A revolutionary who is out to defeat his enemies could use their weapons, but not their rules.


It is better for a realist to bend his will and ethics to accommodate a true friend than it is for him to stick to his principles that may turn the friend into an adversary.


The people are like an audience watching a drama. They have characters whose sides they chose even before the start of the show, but they know little or nothing about the people behind the stage―the manipulators.


…History is the key to the unity of a people. Its nostalgia pulls them together. Its gloom separates them further. Its successes make them stronger.


Hope is soothing, but it can become deceptive if we cling to it as the last resort against reality,


…the purpose of life is to nurture joy, which involves those aspects of humanity that enrich the soul.


… a person who tries to use reasoning to explain faith gets lost in the wilderness of incomprehension.


…Hope is a ridiculous failing that we need to harbour in order to lead a serene life…


…No reformer is worthy of the name if he fails to be the ultimate pacesetter in his own reform drive…


…There is no greater dividing force in this world than self-interest….


…There is no worse way to abuse a man’s patriotism than to estrange him from his homeland, be it his ancestral or adopted land…


…At the end of the day, what matters is our faith in humanity…


We love out of compassion, passion or a sense of commitment.


Feelings, rationale and values are the top qualities that make a person exceedingly human.


The basis of love that most people share is the intimacy they developed with their partners, the intensity of their attraction, or the similarity of their thought patterns,


Hope is soothing, but it can become deceptive if we cling to it as the last resort against reality.


These quasi-faithful are growing in strength. They are the fundamentalists today, and they abound in all the religions.


Politicians like the effect of alcohol because it makes them feel important.


Grief, my friend, forces us to search our souls and find answers to issues that constrain us from becoming better human beings.


Faith goes hand in hand with the belief in a supreme purpose that includes everybody, a purpose that is for mankind’s ultimate peace, harmony and happiness.


Isn’t materialism the cause of much that is evil in the land of mortal souls?


A true businessperson should also be a true humanist who understands that he stands to gain the most in a world that is stable for those he deals with, even if they do not fare as well as he does.


Son, it is bad for a man to be condemned by his children, more so by the sons he cherishes.


You know you are getting old when yesterday turns out to be a fading memory you have difficulties recollecting, when today becomes a challenge that is hard to grasp and when tomorrow promises an uncertainty that you dread encountering.


Never go for someone that represents something that is more of a fantasy than reality in this crazy world of lonely people, unless it is for the shortest time possible, and unless you have clearly figured out an exit strategy.


You can’t say you love man as an individual if you have not dealt with the person’s complex personality, his or her unfamiliar habits, disturbing impulses and biological makeup.


Unsettling emotions are capable of messing up the most beautiful minds in this world.


the depth or humaneness of our love depends on the wideness of our souls.


Why do we complicate life, when it was meant to be very simple?


Life is so sweet even though it is full of lies and half truths…


Nothing crushes the soul of a father more than the loss of the beloved son he failed to lavish his love on.


…reality is the make-believe of the majority that can only thrive in conformity.


Home is supposed to be a place of security, the last resort of refuge.


The masses often let themselves down and even those at the forefront who are hoisting the flag of the cause that is intended to alleviate their miseries.


The greatest sacrifice a man can make is the image of his soul.



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