Top 118 Harrish Sairaman Quotes

Believing in God is great, getting obsessed with it is the problem


Never focus on achieving your goals, focus on achieving the behaviors and beliefs that will help you achieve your goals


No target is ‘easy or difficult’ on its own, it depends on who you are, that makes the target look easy or difficult!!!!


When you have a kid in your house, it’s time to learn rather than teach!!!


Muscle breakdowns are important for muscle growth and similarly, Life breakdowns are important for quantum Life growth


Change is inevitable; what matters is whether you spend more time in denial, acceptance or performance?


Technology is either a curse or a blessing depends on how we use it.


When you are fulfilled within, big problems look small and when you have a vacuum within small problems look big!!!


Happiness should never be your ultimate goal as you can experience it everyday, it’s a matter of choice


When you see Happiness as a far sighted vision or goal, you miss the happiness within!


Your excitement, motivation, energy, happiness should be dependent on – YOU and YOU ONLY!!!!!


What we think about others is what others think about US!


There are only 2 things in this world, you and the rest of you. When this becomes ‘one’ you are enlightened.


There are no crash courses on ‘enlightenment’, you only crash in a course like that.


Every complaint is just another opportunity to learn about the person better. Get curious, not angry!


Don’t talk while having food was only meant to be in integrity with food.


People change only under two circumstances, one is called Inspiration and the other Desperation!!!! Unfortunately, both give results!


When you are in action it is very difficult to get a bird’s eye view of your own performance! Find some time to introspect.


If you don’t act out of ‘Inspiration’, ‘Desperation’ will make you act!


You can only control what you know, what you don’t know, will control YOU!


The highest level of success every moment is ‘being alive


If you follow, practice and live ‘Ownership’, you have arrived in Life


Past data should only be used as a learning and not as a base for setting future goals


You can have negative events and not experience. Negative experience can only happen if the conclusion is also negative!!!!


There are no crash courses on ‘enlightenment’, you only crash in a course like that!!!!


The day you discover the GOD within, your quest to meet GOD outside stops!!!


Just because the roads were bad in the past we drive slow but if we still continue the same way on the highway of Life, you can never ‘Accelerate


If you think the world is a tough place, it time to change your lens!!!!


You can only give and display what you have if you are frustrated with others you are quite a frustrating person and if you are loving others, you are a lovely person!


If time is linear, every moment is new! Monotony is just an experience of Ignorance!


Spiritual learning is easy when we realize and experience that everything that everyone said about spirituality is already in action within us!!! Seek within rather than outside.


Spirituality cannot be an excuse for not making money!!! Just a justification for failure!


Courage is not the absence of Fear, but the ability to act in spite of fear!


Fear produces action, but would never create followers


What is the PURPOSE of Life? These questions only come when you are not experiencing the beauty of LIFE right now!!!!!!


What seems to be a chaotic life is just a systematic, engineered Life driven for a purpose!!! The day you find peace in chaos, the game changes!


When you change, people may not believe in it initially as they are still viewing you from their old lens.


The auto immune disease is like politics in an organization, attacking own cells thinking it’s foreign!


If you can’t see a solution it does not mean it doesn’t exist, you are just blind to it


If you follow, Practice and Live ‘Ownership’, you have arrived in Life!


Fantasizing about the future is not wrong until and unless you are not missing the beauty of the present!


Money is never the cause of all evil, ignorance is!


The amount of money you make ethically is directly proportionate to the value you add in others people’s life


When a lion kills a deer it does not build negative KARMA, its meant that way!!!!


People say keep your emotions outside, how the hell is that possible!!!!


The job of every belief is to validate itself by giving you an EXPERIENCE!!


If you have to slog your ass everyday to achieve your goals, you are not doing something RIGHT!!!


Confusion is still better than conviction in the wrong!!!!


IF you want to learn, there is enough to learn till the last breath!!


FEAR is always about the FUTURE, felt in the PRESENT based on the PAST!


You only encounter problems that You can handle!!!!


AT any given time we are either taking Ownership or Blaming, Ownership is a better choice!!


Fantasize that everything around you is bringing you LUCK!


Seeing either Obstacles or Opportunities is a CHOICE!


The last 30 minutes before you sleep is the time when the most fertile land of your subconscious is accessible! What you SOW is what you REAP!


When one thing becomes TRUE for you the PARADOX becomes a BLIND SPOT!


We just move from one addiction to the other, choose your addiction!


If you open your eyes in the morning, it is just another day of opportunity to improve your Life!


Questions can either bond you or liberate!!! Its all depends on what you ask.


Others behavior towards us is a reflection of our own behavior, it’s a MIRROR.


The Outer world is just a feedback of your INNER WORLD!


If your eyes and mind can SEE IT, the body does not require external motivation to get motivated.


Its not about reaching a Peak but to develop an attitude of discovering new Peaks in Life!


Peak Performance is not a destination but a journey!


How you respond in the ‘valley’ determines how quickly reach the Peak.


Perceptions may not be true, but its true for YOU!


The desire to retire early is an evidence of your current state of mind if you continue this way you will ‘retire early!!!!!


If you keep seeing events and others through your existing lens you would miss out on the new possibility. Sometimes, reality!!!


Your belief about others creates an unconscious behavior pattern in you which creates the reality!


If you cannot learn from a child, teaching a child might be useless!!!!


A child comes in your Life to correct your Karma, learn instead of putting your Karma on the child!


The walls that we build for self-protection become the walls of self-imprisonment later!!!!


People who are stuck in the past, miss out on the beauty of the Present and the possibility of the future!!!


When what you believe, intend, feel and act comes in alignment ‘Magic’ happens!


When you focus on ‘giving’ the best in a relationship you are not dependent on others for your fulfillment!!!


Your ability to forgive and let go is the biggest evidence of core strength


Magic is only magic when don’t know ‘how’, when you know it, it can be experienced everyday!!!


Life growth is like muscle growth, you have to stretch beyond, feed it properly and rest. When you meditate, rest and reflect is when growth happens!!!!


The day you believe ‘you know everything’ you have just experienced the biggest failure of your life! Recovery might be difficult!


The root of all desire is the realization of NOT HAVING IT!


If every action has an equal and opposite reaction, then the opposite of giving is receiving!!!!! Give maximum appreciation and you will equally receive!!!!


If we get better with ‘Experience’ then why doesn’t the romance get better and better with every year in most of the marriages?


Our body talks to us, not in a language that you speak but the language that you feel


People say ‘dogs who roam in Mercedes are Lucky’, this is your feeling, not the Dog’s!!!


The journey from Ignorance to Awareness is nothing but perceptual bliss to actual bliss


The universe is continuously creating, maintaining and destroying to create, maintain and destroy!!!! Be with the flow, know what you have to continuously create, maintain and then destroy!!!!


The microscopic structure of the cell is like the macroscopic structure of the Universe – YOU are the universe playing out


Identities were created for clarity and simplicity but it divides!


Ignorance to Awareness is the true journey of Life, called ‘Life’.


Whatever you practice, good or bad, you become good at it!


Pieces of jigsaw puzzle might all be different but when fit in, completes the story. Expecting all pieces to be the same is craziness, completing the puzzle is what you are born for!!!!


Being in integrity’ only means all your senses are just focusing on that task, in that moment!!!


In childhood, we learn to remember everything and later, meditate to forget everything!!!!


Back seat only works if you have a great driver!!! Either hire the right one or take charge and drive!!!!!


Justification of failure is the most powerful mechanism adopted by the mind to avoid the reflection of Self Failure


Make money, we are no longer in barter system. If you don’t want it, then donate it, but MAKE IT!!!!


The one who can smile without an outer reason is a mental case for many, but the one who cannot ‘needs mental therapy!


There is nothing called as truth, it’s just your new perception


When you get married or get a job, you are signing a contract that you will now not only live your expectations but other’s expectations also.


If love is EVERYTHING, you are missing out a whole spectrum of emotions and would want to end life if there is no love!


Saying ‘I love you’ every day’ to your loved ones is not required, but if you say it, what will you lose?


Never make decisions when you are super angry or super excited. When the emotional center is at the Peak the logical awareness is at the bottom!!!


Will without Power is incomplete and power without will is dangerous when will and will power both are present, implementation is easy!!!!


Acceleration can never happen if the baggage of the past in pulling you from behind!


A friend gives me an abusive word and a stranger does the same!!!! Huge difference, coz what matters is WHO said IT!!!!!


You need not sit on the mountains to meditate, you can do it while having a cup of tea. If you are only focusing on tea and enjoying, you are in a state of bliss!


Behind everything that we do, there is always a Purpose. We are just not conscious to most of them.


Influencing is just not about listening and speaking, it’s the game of interpretation.


What cannot be done today, will not be done tomorrow. We will find bigger excuses!


If you still wonder the true meaning of coordination, synchronization and team work, you have not understood your own body!!!


Acidity’ happens when too much of acidic emotion is still suppressed inside, let go of it and the body will respond


Fire does transform, but the fire within is always better than fire beneath!


The day we mean what we say, even a “good morning” can be transformational!!!


The best teachers are the ones who give you a hard time, they may not intend it, but you can intend to learn!!!


Will and Will Power both are important, first is the WILL and then Power to Implement.


Every word spoken is a reflection of your inner beliefs!


Never expect others to be like you, it can be the biggest nightmare!!! Collaboration and synchronization needs to be found in the difference


I am not against drinking, but drink to celebrate not to remove stress! Be in integrity with the word ‘cheers!!!!



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