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They want you to do things their way, they want you to follow their course and join their game and if you will ever fail you will be the only one to blame. Ridiculous


People will come and go in your life and only few of them will become Immortal in your heart


A lucky guy, is anyone who would have the privilege of being around you , talking to you , holding your hand , making sure that you are safe and happy .


Every time I listen to my soundtrack anxiety attack one thought coming on my mind is holding you tight and feeling being safe in your arms, you’re my fortune


I waited for so long To let you know What I feel For you You’re my endless dream ……..I know it feels So good To be by your side Till the end of time You’re my endless love………….


Love resides in my heart, but you are the one who tore apart and you are still blaming my heart for not keeping quiet about it


Feelings And emotions Are dying In your heart ………Why you had To try a start?You wantedTo be lonely …But acted Like a fool ….All you had to do Just braking rules Sweet rules of love ……………….


I’m Enjoying creating my new soundtrack Julie ( Italo – Dance Mix ),,,, it’s real amazing to create music about a great friend you had in your life , Julie ..I love you eternally


Don’t Waste your time I won’t be around Your heart For so long …………….Baby don’t Wait for me Tonight I’ll be in another town Looking for love ………………….


I waited for so long To let you know What I feel For you You’re my endless dream ……..


When she needs you, she knows how to find you, but when you need her, she’s too busy to be with you.


I miss talking to her and talking to her used to make me feel alive


I’ve noticed that once you find the right one for you, the one of your dreams, everything in life becomes against you, even the weather


People just don’t get it, we don’t need someone to control our life, we need someone to share it, relationships are falling apart cause they keep digging in our past , they don’t wanna let it Rest In Peace


People will Keep Digging in Your Past to find Reasons to convince themselves of letting you go.


I Can’t Be With Her , But it Ain’t Stopping Me From Loving Her


Love, I see love in your eyes, in my heart can’t say enough, but you will know , I’m in love with you , you’re my angel in the dark , my moonlight when I’m sad , my eternal love , I’m glad to be in love with you ,


In LIFE, You Meet with People You Wish You Knew Them for Ages and you will meet with people you will wish they were gone for ages.


They tell you to forget about love while in the fact they are living for love


Love Is burning In my heart ,,,,,,,,,Why You’re tearingapart ……..I’m your lover girl ……Don’t Break the rules of love ……Oh you’re playinga game…Tonight ………Love will be out Of sight ……………


Your Philosophy in Life Should be to Support others without expecting them To Support Back.


I Cried in the Night For Love , my Heart was aching ,she was always on my mind ,day and night I couldn’t stop thinking of her , she was simply my eternal love ,my heart , my soul .


A happy one will do her best to make you happy but a pathetic one will convert your life to a pathetic one


I cannot resist your heart, you are so hard to find, each and every night I’m always thinking of you


It is Pointless Trying to Impress Someone Who Doesn’t Care about You


She Was So Beautiful, an Awesome Heart of Gold, She was Down To Earth, caring. Loving Person but she changed in unpredictable way


Love is burning in my heart, oh love is shining from the start, don’t let it die tonight


In the rain Still crying In the rain She’s dancing Again & again Broken hearts Still meltingLike ice on fire ….


Only ,a lonely heart Can tell What it meansTo be lonely


Love Can Left you Up, Love Can let You Down, Love Can make you cry like a lonely Clown


Don’t be Sad Cause Some People are Real Stupide, their Stupidity will inspire you to be Smart and wise in this world


I Have Confidence in Love, And Most of the Time I doubt it


We don’t hate what we once loved but we decided to take some time off and it was eternal


You Keep Looking at what you want but you can’t have it , and once you have it it will never be the same. Sign of times


Lisa Has a Heart of Diamond, She Never Thought She Would be Left in Silence again and again


You Keep Looking at what you want but you can’t have it , and once you have it it will never be the same.


The Ones You Forgot To Grab Their Contact Info , Were the Worthy Ones of your time and life


She Had a Wish, To Leave This Old Town, and See the World Out there


You deserve a better heart Who knows….How to treat you right Not someone Who wants to fight All night ………….


When you go back in time, you will find out that the ones you said NO To, Were the ones who truly loved you.


My heart is tossing and turning, I can’t stop thinking of you, Oh baby my heart is burning I can’t stop loving you.


Let’s talk about love , Baby Let’s talk about our dreams …Just in your arms …Oh I’ll be safe it seems…


People Will Hear What The Wish To Hear, So Why Can’t Say and Do What You Wish In Life.


Many Words Of Love are Spoken, Many Hearts Still Broken, Many Promises Were Meant To Last Forever Girl.


A Woman Who loves you and really needs you in her life will always keep her eyes on you and always will make sure to keep you close to her not to ever let go. If she ever let you go. She never loved you. She was just killing her time


We Have Nothing in Common, So I t would be a wasted life If I’ll ever fall for her. In addition, life is too precious to be wasted in this way.


Out of reach and out of sight ,Oh my heart will follow your light ,Won’t you hear my heart ,Need you tonight …..


Good guys, Win in movies, Baby My heart is crying Like rain in May


Oh, I told Once , and I told you Twice , Stay here With me In my Paradise I need you I miss you More and more Each day


Oh, I told You once and I told You twiceTake this Call of love , Never think TwiceCome share My love , Come share My love again


Baby , In your eyes Sweet memories of the good times we had


I missed you ,I missed everything about youYour magical eyes ,Your heavenly smile …Baby I’m in love with you


I love the way I told you I love you ……………it showes emotions eternal devotions…………


time is flying always when you’re around love is hard to find don’t let it slip away …………………….


I love the way I told you I love you ……………it showes emotions eternal devotions…………time is flying always when you’re around love is hard to find don’t let it slip away ……………………..


I love the way I told you I love you ……………it shows emotions eternal devotions…………


I’m really enjoying Creating my Soundtrack …. Delusional Love…. I wanted to create it a long time ago inspired by the Delusional Love I had in my life ……..Delusional Love (Fake Emotions) ….Coming soon


Don’t say you’re sorry I have to let you go ….Time will show Sadness will grow …..


I never thought I would lose you I never thought You would be gone I never thought The love we had Now is done,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,You meant the world to me You are all I had in life My magical symphony Had ended tonight ………………………


Love can make you blind Love can make you see Many things around you It’s a fancy …………………………….Love can make you Feel like dying Love can keeps you alive …………..Love can drive you crazy Only few survives ………………….


The sun was shining bright The moon is crying tonight I miss you I miss your eyes tonight ……………


I wanna let you know you’re all I need tonight every time I see you I wish to hold you tight …………you’re everything for me you’re always crossing my mind each and every night I Wanna be by your side ……….


You can kill our love, but you can’t delete our memories together


Nobility, I always have one thing common with you , I always think you’re an angel


It started In heaven I know Lady love may die Lady Love may grow But you know You’re my eternal love ………………….


Love is in the airTonight Baby Take meRight by your side You need love Like I do my love ……………………


Many people in this world want you to follow them blindly, no questions asked , they wanna control your fate, your heart, soul & thoughts, I tell you…Follow your heart , listen to what it has to say .


The beauty about creating soundtracks is that each time I’m living in a magical world, a world of the logic of sense away from the crazy world we’re living in where materialism in charge of our destiny


I’m building a castle of soundtracks. So that one day I’ll tell the ones I care for, I fought for my rights to dream and making them come true


The more you create great music, the more it makes you eager to create more and more


The ones you trust are the ones who can hurt you the most.


I don’t know What else to say I’ve said it many times Oh you’re your gorgeous eyes Are my greatest prize …………………


Your love GrowingIn my heart We’re readyFor a brand-new startDon’t tell me You’ve to go Away tonight ………………


I don’t know What else To say I’ve said it Many times Oh you’re your gorgeous eyes Are my greatest prize …………………Your love GrowingIn my heart We’re readyFor a brand-new startDon’t tell me You’ve to go Away tonight ………………


My nights are flying Only when you’re around My days are crying Gotta have you by my side Forever girl………………………


Your heart is so precious to be mistreated by idiots in this world, to deserve better


Your heart is so precious to be mistreated by idiots in this world, you deserve better


When You Feel like Quitting, Remember those who told you, you’ll never make it.


Being away from something, gives you a clear vision about it


Tales of glory Baby Tales Of our love I can’t stopThinking of you I can’t tell enough ………………


When you’re scared to death to lose her, know it for sure, you will.


Dangerous Are the ways of love ….Baby dangerous When you can’t get enough …Lonely nights are spent in vain


Can’t you see…The stars tonight Baby I’m sitting hereDying For your light You’re killing me With your lonely nights ………………Baby what elseYou’re trying to prove Lower your fence I made my first move Take me back to your arms Tonight………………….


People, who do so little for you, always try to ruin your life


Always think that there will be no one there for you, cause in a rainy day the percentage of people that will not be willing to help you 99.9 %.


I laugh at these People who has it all and Still Complain.


To Dream The Impossible Dream, Is Something Great We All Should Do


Pretty women with no soul like paintings on the wall


It’s always Fun, Honor And a great Pleasure Creating Italo- Disco Music ……. Creatures of the Night ( Italo – Soundtrack Mix )


A great Musician Falls a Sleep PLAYING HIS Favorite Solo on and on endlessly.


I’m listening constantly for 3 days to my Soundtrack …. Leave Me Alone ….Wow, what a musical Gem, a Gorgeous musical perfection …this is what great music is all about ….Awesomeness


I create my music for fun not because I have to, that is why it sounds magical and unique


We Can Win If We Want to, 160 Single Released ….190 more to go


I totally adore … The Dark Side of Emilee (Trapped).. One of the most gorgeous Piano chords I have ever created, eternal beauty in CDBABY store 6- 16 -2017.


Can’t Stop Loving You (Italo – Dance Mix) ,,, was the 2nd soundtrack I ever created and still magical to my heart ….I love it more than words can ever say ,,,endless beauty


I’m So Delighted to start working on my forthcoming soundtrack … Princess Of The Night … another amazing Italo- Disco hit dedicated to my eternal princess of Wayne Lisa ….


I’m so proud of my soundtrack ….. Unfaithful a real amazing work of art …..I wanted to create it a long time ago ….but now it sounds magical, a musical Gem


Will You Still Be There (I’ll Keep On Loving You)…a Beautiful musical gem for an awesome story line ….I’m having fun creating this musical dream …..Enjoy


I’m so happy that I’m having the chance to create amazing music that bringing happiness and joy to me and to others in this world, it’s a dream came true


Dancing salsa, what an amazing workout, Healthy and amazing …..Incredible Fun


The more you create great music, the more it makes eager to create more and more


God sent an angel to me, I’ve waited for so long to have you in my life and now it’s real ….and sounds awesome … I really really love you


You have to read between the lines, I saw it all in her eyes before her actions came to life, and it’s what wisdom is all about


Usually You Pick The Winning Numbers When You’re Not Willing To Play.


Don’t try to play a game You’re breaking the rules of love You can’t keep on lying Enough is enough ……………………What happened to eternity? What happened to your love with me? You kept on lying It’s a tragedy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


The Price of Love Is Getting Hurt When Least Expected


They are telling you, you will forget about her but they are lying, because you will forget about what used to be the light of your life and you can still feel it you are in darkness after letting her go


When She Needs a Reminder of Your Birthdate, Make Sure Not to Remind Her That She was Once a part Of Your Life


Love hurts, Love will make you cry, Oh your heart still aching, From living a lie.


Oh , You Want To Be My World , What Have You Done To Gain My Heart . It’s a Fantasy, Only In Your Mind


I’m Posting What Makes Me Happy, Not What‘s Satisfying you


They’ll Keep Telling You Win The Game, But I ‘m Telling You, Always Enjoy Being a part Of It.



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