Top 103 Mohammed Zaki Ansari Quotes

Do not effort to win but try to lose if your Close one is there to fightHappiness that is achieved after losing to our close one’s ,that is not possible to achieved even after winning the world


Happiness are guest in life but pain is Part of life.


Both things are invisible But we Both are aware I colored my self in your fragranceAnd you colored your hands in my BLOOD


if man’s life value for women and if she need man,believe me she can not Broke his swear never in any situation,in any condition.


your lack of knowledge may not for you but surely it is dangerous for your child because you cannot teach them which you your self do not know


Break up of some relation sometime don’t just break connection between two person,for some one it can be disconnection with his soul.and the disconnect between body and soul its mean death of a person


Respect the wounds which you gave like thatKeep them in Heart for forever and never treated


when you betray to someone , first you betray to yourself, who speak somewhere inside you that you are a good human


When you betray someone, First you betray to yourself who speak somewhere inside you that you are good human


Doesn’t matter you have thousand of qualities but if you are not honest with your beloved,then other all qualities are hold relation and love there is need only one quality Thats call Honesty and just Honesty


My Dreams are not in my eyesMy Eyes are on my Dreams


If person have excuse for Every bad thing which use to do with others.than its wrong soul in human body


After a long time i saw my self in mirror and i find-out a berthing machine


Of Course you can attract someone by Beautiful body ,but if you don’t have beautiful soul than they will be with you only until they enjoy your body in Bed


Beauty of body doesn’t matter ,Many snakes are beautiful but you cant keep them in home because their nature to sting and kill by their poison which all they have inside So matter is what is Inside Not Out side Beauty


Don’t look my appearance,my lookMy Soul has a beautiful Grave


i do concentrate to make my soul beautiful more than my Body just for the reason because one day my body will expire but my soul is imperishable


There is no warmness in soul But people spend hours and hours in sunbathe for body.its realize me that we are much worry about body which have to finish one day.but we don’t care about soul which have to alive forever


Don’t try. no one can run from soul.yes you can avoid it for sometime but one day again it will come in-front of you with lost of queBetter to live in that way so from your soul you no need to run away


I do not know about my life but i am sure about my death , i will die in rest because i have no credit of anyone on my soul


i am not an angel ,and i don’t want to be an angel.I Born as a Human and and my Biggest Task to keep my self Just a Human.


Everyone person Born as human , But Not everyone die as Human


Every person Born as human , But Not everyone die as Human


I Born as Human its blessing of GOD .But if you die as Human it will be My achievement


Human for love and things for use But now days people use humans and love things


In afternoon if you close eyes it’s doesn’t mean there is dark outside and if you avoid or do not want see your wrong deeds and wrong character it’s doesn’t mean all Good in you


I’m not alone, my pain walk with me step by step sometime if i go ahead its come fast and catch me sometime its wait for me some step ahead.what a good friend.


I breath.I eat. I walk. My eyes are open . my tongue moves. I speak . I listen. Then why people who come around me think that I’m a toy ?


Don’t misunderstand people by smile or appearance.every person is not living life some one just spend the life


do not misunderstand person by beauty You really do not know its real or Mask on dirty thoughts


May i could Alive if my heart was broken But it has been murdered


I love my Pain,Because this is the only gift which i received by My most loving person.and its so costly for me


Sunglasses are best invention of this worldThey hide eyes,which speak more then words


Love is a commitment not a gameif want play to game go ahead play but Don’t give it name is your right to live your life and play any game as you want, but its not your right and its not right to destroy anyone’s life


The best part of my life is ,My death will not cause pain for anyone.


My pain is there at his place but my lips start smile when i feel how she is happy and enjoying life with her choice.what you need more than happiness of your loves one.


Time Can Not Cure Heart’s Wounds Never,But Wounds Spoil and Kill Heart On The Time


Writing is not just my Hobby . Pen is mouthpiece of my feelings,I have no another one But paper is my best friend. and My Best Friend always Listen so patiently whatever,whenever i speak


If you unload your anger on others its your Weakness And if you learn to absorb your anger inside you Then its your Power.


Don’t judge me by my appearance,by my looks,My Soul has a beautiful decorated Grave


May i have pain,but I don’t have regret,that for whom I left all that person my beloved betrayed me.more I have regret for that child who’s mother don’t love and don’t care and worry about his life.and betrayed him by broke his swears


Good destiny give little time to understand your mistake and change your self But Bad destiny lead you toward bad thing until you destroy life and not give time to change.


I done many wrong and bad things in my lifeLove by heart and soulTrusted with my whole Devoted my life Keep honesty from the depth of heartNever use mind every decision took by heart.


Relationship for someone it’s like to life, as life happens once its happens once.Relationship for someone it’s like a night,which come every day in new forma with new dreams, same like this every new night,new person, new relation.


if you don’t play with relations and respect to love you may get hurt And spend life in pain but you will die in rest.


sometime people ask me , how to deal with pain.and i reply them in one line. ” make it your best Friend


when i open eyes in the morning, it’s just like GOD Sprinkle salt on my wounds


I have a beautiful collection of knifes but not mine.these are deposit belongs to those who forgot in my back


Your pain and your hurt is no matter for anyone.Now human value is just like a bottle of Coca-Cola,people are interested in you till they are enjoying sip up to their mood after that they throw you in dustbin and search another drink


people do not see your pain , they just search laughing moment to laugh on you


it’s not your brilliancy that your betrayal someone but its innocence of that person who believed and trusted on Fake Person


betrayal knife does not visible in body’s back Because it’s directly hot Soul and Injured There


murder is not only when you took knife or gun and killed someone.Sometime you kill someone by your Act and deeds That’s is also Murder


I believe in love but I do not believe in people.And it is people who realize me. to Do not believe in People


Do not excited and take it easy if someone say “I love you”some people have nature to chance their love more fast than Chameleon change colors.


Some people think falling love with every 2nd person is true feeling and Emotions. but it’s actually a dirty mind which force people to change partners for flirting game.


I believe in love but I do not believe in people.And it is people who realize me. to Do not believe on People


There are only 2 type of people in this world 1 st those respect self, respect others, live with dignity and honest 2 nd those sell their soul.and cheat all everyone from human to God


For some people themselves and their family is only human But Other all are Toy For play and Broke After game But The truth they do not know that they just Own Human Body Nothing More


No Body Want your lovePeople are here for fun,Money,Sex, Flirting Enjoyment interesting game.So Do not Expect Much and Do not Hurt.


it maybe brilliancy to change partner time to time as per required of sex and par demand of sex mind and flirting Game But it is degeneracy Of Morality and dignity


of course play with others life if you are good playerBut once you have to think How your reaction if your children meet with same player like you ?is it make you happy ? then continue


Love do not has its own destinyMorality and Honesty of beloved decide The fate of love


Only my death can full fill the dream ,My soul will around you and you will unknown about it


Only Some people feel what is love Others Just practice sex.


I do not write feelings, emotions i do not writeAfter that day on love anything i do not writeMy silence scream somewhere inside me These are my Bloody wounds on paper,words i do not write


The only reason i Fall in love with cigarette.each one take 2 minutes of my life and i love this.


Cigarette smoking is injurious to health,After all it’s pretty good than peoples.They injurious to Soul


i may understand it’s easy to cheat loved onei may understand it’s easy to be betrayed Loved oneBut i do not understand Its really so Tough to be honest ?The Biggest challenge for human is to keep self as Human


Learn to absorb your anger inside youIt will be your best partner till you breath


Try to listen silence of your loved one And you will find voice of Heart and Feelings


In the world of technology,In the world of Internet , information,teachings knowledge are spreading so fast but sad no one want to apply or follow because everyone is busy to share.


I got desire to be alive when i got believe in your embrace i will die.Believe had Broken and desire Lost


Falling in love maybe destiny but be in love its depend on your Honesty


Most of the people share quotes and wordings not because they follow them or absorb for life but they knows by share it i can be notice as a wise person.


your one true promise can make someone’s life beautiful , in the same way your one false promise can destroy someone’s lifeSo make sure yourself about your promise before make sure someone other that you will keep stand on your words.


When i angry, i unload my anger on my selfWhen i overflow with love, i distribute it.


People can show false love But cant false HatePeople can show false caring But cant false carelessSo believe on it they show you hate and treat you careless ,.It is true feelings


The most easy and simple thing to do in world is to say someone I Love You.And most difficult thing to do is keep on yourself on your these 3 words.


Love is a feeling which you can’t change but its change you,Beloved is a person whom you can’t replace with anyone but you replace your wishes with his or her wishes


If You Really Feel Beloved Pain Then Do Not Repeat Things Which cause of Pain Again


Cheating, betraying its easy, changing partner like clothes its easy that’s why people run there.Honesty is so difficult ,only people with power of self respect Do it.


If i start hate her, just because of this that she betrayed me ,Then i will betray to my Love.


Do not judge to Anyone, Do not let anyone to judge you.But Every person must have little moral and honest to judge themselves.


I could take revenge, i could give pain, But i do not know how to be such a cheapSo hurt to one,i love you more than my life to whom always i speak


Why should i blame world, if i get wrong to recognize true and real faces of people


Why should i have fake smile on my face ,If my heart and soul suffering in unrest. it’s not my duty to entertain you But its my responsibility to be Honest and Original


false swears are like sweet poison and cancer , its work slowly without acknowledgment but take the till end like cancer


if you want to search , search who care about you,Don’t search person for use ,those who want use they will search you self.


if you wanted to see me dead,you would whisper and i could kill self for you happiness it was a small thing but you made yourself corrupt for very small thing


There is soul in side body all life we live with it but we do not meet with our soul and our soul leaves our body when we die But Our soul meet with us when we on dead bed.


More then me you betrayed to God Because you said Tujkh mai rab dikhta hai ( i see my God in you)


She is not with me this grief is not bigger then this relax that she is with her choice


She is not with me,this grief is not bigger then this happiness that she is with her choice


my enemies don’t scared me .. but the people who say I love you


Those who loves you they do not die with you but they do all that you die to live.And Those who do not love you do not kill you physically but they do all that you wait to die


Sunglasses are the best invention of world.Its hide the eyes which speak more then lips


You can be found better man then me.But where you will found Toy like me with whom you can play a lot in many ways and who just keep simple with out hurt you.


Give love and Get BetrayalThis is true same as much as Death is true


For you it may be enjoyable to betraying but do you know you are killing one innocent person who trusted on you.So keep it mind your enjoy is not free.Someone paid for your fun by His/Her life


Worst persons of the world those easily take lie wear of their child,For a sec they don’t feel hesitation to put child life on risk for self.So how you can call them Human if even they Don’t love their own child


Strangers don’t harm you ,But the people who says they care about you.


it is true, in bad time everything turn away from person.My time is really bad .today again even death turn face from me and go away.Hate it



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