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I wanted to figure out why I was so busy, but I couldn’t find the time to do it.


The one who truly sacrifices the most is usually the one who talks about it the least


While ignorance might be bliss, apathy can be deadly.


Helping others is the secret sauce to a happy life.


Joy weathers any storm: Happiness rides the waves.


Motivation gets you going Inspiration keeps you going.


Before you eat the elephant, make sure you know what parts you want to eat.


Fear is the chain still wrapped around a free man’s leg


Fear is the chain that wraps around a free man’s leg.


The atrocities of war are only overshadowed by the heroism of their dead.


Change isn’t closing the door on the old, it is opening the door on the new.


The problem Christians have isn’t our belief in what God could do, but on what God should do.


Sometimes it is better to say ‘no’ and lose your job than it is to say ‘yes’ and lose your soul.


Control what you can. Influence what you should. Forget the rest.


Thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contentment that causes peace.


Before marriage, you lose your virginity. After marriage, you get to give it away. Which would you rather experience?


The Church should be more concerned about the hearts of the lost rather than the comforts of the saved.


Insomnia is the act of pushing through sleep to achieve the art of insane creativity.


If at first you don’t succeed, tweak it before you toss it.


When you join teams that changes lives, yours will be the first.


It is in the quiet that you gain perspective when you have to deal with the loud.


Familiarity is the dagger thrust into the heart of fear.


If you try to be everywhere at once, you won’t be anywhere at all.


Over time, your actions betray your heart – for good or for evil.


Making others better is a core value of a great life.


Success is just around the corner from difficulty.


Remember God loves you, even when its hard to love yourself.


A life lived without borders is a life lived in captivity


Preparation is the pressure valve on a busy schedule.


A good man measures his life not in the number of his years but in the quality of his friends.


All Christians are in ministry. Sometimes, they’re in church work.


True prayer is pleading with God for that which He wants to do anyway.


Knowledge isn’t life changing. The application of knowledge is.


The Church is both organism and organization – Woven together in a beautifully messy dance that stumbles across the stage of a fallen world.


God made us for relationships before he made us for tasks.


Procrastination causes pressure that zaps creativity and excellence.


Life always squashes death. Love always soothes sadness.


Always be excellent and you’ll rise above the rest.


Sometimes God asks us to take a step before he confirms the course.


There are no perfect decisions, only excellent applications.


When you feel like you’re at the end, Christ is just beginning.


History affects our future but it doesn’t determine it.


The best way to reach your Goal is to say “NO” more than you say “YES


Most people’s greatest regret is not living the life they knew they could live.


You need to get out of the nest if you ever want to fly.


Joy in your Job is possible to the extent you’re willing to choose it.


Finding your purpose is a lifelong adventure. Enjoy the journey.


Joy is something we can’t manufacture. Joy happens to us not because of us.


Confidence is that internal alignment between what you know, what you believe and what you portray.


Don’t let the guilt of the past keep you from the victories of the future.


To live a more balanced life, glance at the past, live in the present, and focus on the future.


A promise is something that has been given but not yet realized.


In prayer, God doesn’t want your words, he wants your heart. He doesn’t track your eloquence, he treasures your soul.


Sometimes, God drives us to Prayer and Scripture not for answers to the struggles, but for anchors in the storms.


Starting the morning without prayer is like starting a car without gas.


in prayer, God does want your words, he wants your heart. He doesn’t track your eloquence, he treasures your soul.


In prayer, God doesn’t guarantee the answer you want, but He does guarantee the answer you need.


Jesus doesn’t lead you out of your day, He leads you into it.


Hope is the pin-pricked light that tears through the fabric of our dark world.


God has given you grace. Maybe you should give yourself some too.


Love is a Dance set on the stage of Forgiveness and Grace.


To better handle grief, become the passenger, not the driver.


Happiness is hanging with friends who know you way more than you’d care to share.


Leadership is a skill learned through many venues.


Do what you love but do what it takes to do what you love.


Our country is a place where hope can be born and great companies, organizations and non-profits can spring up from an idea birthed on the back of a coffee-shop napkin.


Jesus’ love for you far outweighs your expectations of Him.


The sense of fulfillment is often hidden in acts of kindness


Results fuel belief which causes us to take more action and get more results.


Stories give color to black and white information.


Confidence is being scared to death but getting the job done anyway.


It’s a new day. Yesterday’s failure is redeemed at the sunrise


God will give you more than you can handle because it is in your surrender that He gives you your victory!


A Sunrise is God’s way of saying, “Let’s start again.


The visual of Satan isn’t one of a big red devil with horns. Even worse, it’s the picture of something good, twisted enough to be compelling.


A surrendered heart leads to greatness. A stubborn heart leads to struggle.


The sum of greatest is not asking ‘What do I want to be’ but rather ‘Who do I want to be


You can’t judge your parenting by the choices of your kids.


Government should be a floor upon which the good of the people flourishes, not a ceiling upon which people bump their heads!


Your morning routine generates a 10x return for good or for bad. Make it good.


The value we place on what we’ve been given correlates to our depth of gratitude for it.


A happy birthday is measured not in the amount of gifts one gets, but in the amount one is loved.


This life is a wading pool compared to the ocean call eternity.


The cabin on the lake is nothing compared to my mansion in eternity!


The ability to stay calm and focused in the midst of change is what distinguishes great leaders from those just collecting a paycheck.


In order to pick something up, you’ve got to put something down.


Each day of your existence ready’s itself for your impact


Why does it seem that the church is more interested in people involvement rather than people engagement.


Without vision, a church devolves into a lukewarm, aimless organization characterized by infighting, budget grabbing and a dead heart for the lost.


Somewhere along the line, “Church” became a weekly event rather than a gathering of people who did life together.


Great Leadership sometimes requires taking a step backward in order to take a leap forward.


To sacrifice anything is of great honor. To sacrifice everything is of God.


In order for you to receive, someone else has to give. That’s called sacrifice.


Success is never achieved for when your think you reach it, something else grabs your interest.


It is important to view current events through Christ-like eyes.


A confident leader is like a duck. Above the water, he is calm and poised while below the water, he is driven by a flurry of focused activity.


Some will, some won’t. Look for the ones who will.


A happy birthday is measured not in the amount one of gifts, but in the amount one is loved.


Give yourself permission to Risk. It is only in risk that one finds success.


A happy birthday is measured not in the amount of gifts one gets, but in the amount love one receives.


Talking with three people deeply is better than talking with thirty people superficially.



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