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When you know you can do something, and you feel good about yourself, you do not have to devalue others.


Be a person that others will look for your posts daily because they know you will encourage them. Be the positive one and help others to have a great day and you will find that not only they like you but you will like you too.


Wisdom tells us that the best time for silence is when we are mad or upset.


As a success-minded person, you should always be looking to not only do your job but do it with excellence and go the extra mile.


Success-minded people must understand that the use of profane and obscene words have no place in their vocabulary.


No matter who it is or what you think of them, never rejoice in the pain of others. It lowers you to a level you should not be at.


We are all different and we all have a different sense of humor.


Keep the personal, personal and do not be guilty of spreading bad feelings.


Trustworthiness is a mark of a success-minded person. To be seen as trustworthy is a great compliment. When people trust you, they expect that you will honor their trust.


Not everyone will support every mission or work, you can still enjoy their friendship. No one likes to feel that the only reason you are friends is what you can get out of them.


If you want friends you must be friendly. Always complaining and posting negative comments is not going to bring you friends. No one likes to get puked on.


Gossip has always been a problem. It is one of the most powerful, addictive behaviors there is. As long as the human race has had a common language they have used it to gossip.


Remember that people who seek to do evil can play hit and miss all they want. People who are seeking companionship online have to be right every time. Miss out on this one and the price could be very dear, even costing your life.


By no means do I think that playing games online is wrong or rude. However, constantly sending requests is an act of bad manners as well as being very annoying to the one receiving them.


It is rudeness of the highest order to hit a family when they are down.


Remember this, posting pictures are like speaking words, you cannot take them back.


If you are going to share something with a person, first look on their social media accounts and see how they have handled other people trust. If someone has shared the secrets of others, they will share yours.


Okay, I cannot say this without being very direct. If you are looking for a spouse or even a romance through social media, you are looking for trouble.


Posting something that is encouraging and well done compared to something that is trashy and common is the difference between eating a fine meal or the scraps from making that meal.


Be a blessing to all you are connecting with on social media. Encourage, rejoice and celebrate with each and every one. You will find that it will do wonders for your own attitude as well as those who may struggle with a negative mind-set.


Success-minded people know that first and foremost, in all we do, we must think of others first. By thinking of others, how they feel and what they need, will not cost you a thing nor will it lessen what you have to say.


If someone is trying to share a laugh and you personally do not find it funny, then just move on and leave it alone. Do not steal someone else’s humor.


Heroes show us courage, honor, integrity and strength. Now more than ever, we need heroes.


We have gotten so use to humor being something nasty and offensive that we started to believe that was the only way to get a laugh.


To be truly grateful for the kindness of other and to have those you love in your life is a great and powerful emotion.


The rules from those who are politically correct restrict what you can say to or about anything in our daily life. They tell you what to call others and what others can call you.


Every decision you ever make has its own consequences. Freedom is not the issue. You have freedom to do what you want, you just cannot do it and not pay the price for it.


Good manners is just being respectful of others. Whether you know them or not, you should show respect for all people.


Posting your thoughts on any social media site is like telling you most deeply held secret to the town gossip. Not a wise move.


We watch death and destruction on TV, in movies, over the news and online so much that it is just a part of our lives. It was never meant to be that way. In the end, we have paid a heavy price for our curiosity.


It seems that the days of public modesty and concern about how we look are far from us. I will not say they are gone forever, in culture nothing is forever.


I believe that when a person has hope in the future, believe in their ability to achieve and understand that God made them for a purpose, then they will, in the end, and achieve great things.


Life is full of lessons for the success-minded person who keeps his/her eyes open to what is going on.


Determination knows that you can do what it takes, even if that is hard or frightening, in order to achieve the goal you seek.


Do not allow your thoughts of what was to steal what can be.


Success-minded people know that the greatest enemy to today’s success is yesterday’s success.


Our attitude will determine what we will strive for, whom we will be, and how our life will turn out.


The secret to wealth is hard work and good management.


If someone tells you that you can achieve your dreams with little to no work, they are lying to you.


The big thinking gives us vision, power and direction, but it is the small steps that are the action of the process.


It is today that tells you if you learned from yesterday, and if tomorrow is possible.


God in His perfect wisdom gave you power to control only one thing in the entire universe, and that is you.


Never base your destiny on things you cannot control and have no power to change.


If you believe that success is only connected to money, you will not last long.


The best decisions are always made quickly and changed slowly, not made slowly and changed quickly.


The fact that you are not perfect may come as a surprise to you but it is not a surprise to anyone else.


Excessive talking about our plans and dreams lessens our energy to do what is needed to achieve them.


A dream comes from within you. It is what you were created to do, so it has always been there.


If you want to achieve success, there cannot be a Plan B.


Money can be the reward for efforts, but it should not be the reason for them. You must have something bigger than that.


To build a positive attitude you must take some deliberate action. You must be responsible for your thoughts, words, and actions.


A positive mind-set says that you are not a victim to the whims of others or by circumstances over which you have no control.


Success-minded people tend to be successful, confident, and friendly because they act successful, confident and friendly. People feel comfortable around positive people because positive people feel comfortable with themselves.


Nothing builds up your attitude like gratitude. You cannot be depressed, negative, and grateful at the same time.


Without question, positive thinking will do more for you, will make you feel better, do better, let you have more fun, and be liked by more people than negative thinking ever will.


Asking questions is not a matter of weakness or of being uninformed. In fact, people who ask a lot of questions tend to achieve more and learn more than those who do not.


The brain is a wonderful thing. It will always give you an answer to the questions you ask. The problem comes from the questions you ask yourself. Your brain will only answer exactly what it is asked.


Success-minded people need to understand that the best way to learn is to ask questions and listen for answers.


On your journey to achieve your dreams you will face challenges that will test you to the core.


The greatest weapon you have, and the one that will see you through anything, is a settled determination that you will achieve your dream.


Goals need to build like a fire. It starts as a flame consuming all you put into it and burns hotter and hotter the more you work at it.


I believe that each of our lives has a purpose. You have something to do that is unique to you.


Belief in yourself comes from a positive attitude that sees life as worth living and that you have a wonderful part to play in it.


Deadlines give us the sense that we are really on our way and that we will achieve the goal – soon!


Those who have learned to behave as winners always end up winners.


People who achieve the greatest success are the people who have the most fun getting there.


On the journey to achievement, you must be learning all the time.


Your thoughts, the way you think is the most powerful influence in your life.


Those who care how they look care how they live and they will be the achievers.


Reading is one of the greatest gifts given to humankind.


No matter how you choose to act, that is the person you will become.


How we talk effects our lives in two very important ways. It shows how we think of others and how we think of ourselves. The fascinating thing is they always run together.


There is a wonderful power that comes when you know that someone will achieve something great due to your help.


On your journey to achievement, you should never be without good positive materials and people who will encourage you, excite you and give you a reason to move forward.


Books have the power to change and transform your life like few other things you have.


Anyone who is so busy that they do not have time to enjoy what life has for them are just too busy.


Stop making excuses of why you can’t or how hard it is and start making your life matter.


Always our action counts for our success, not our time.


Here is the truth: The journey to achievement is not a destination, it is only a stop over to the next goal.


Success-minded people know that nothing is without a reason.


Mark this on your wall and remember it always: The greatest single most powerful enemy to success is success itself.


The achievement of the goal is only a stepping-stone to the next, bigger and better goal. It never stops.


There is nothing better in the whole world than to know you have set a goal and achieved it.


I can tell you without question that there is one key element that makes the difference between those who succeed and those who do not. That element is action.


Each of us have a choice to make. Will we choose to achieve our dreams or will we choose to allow others to use us to achieve their dreams.


There is a universal truth that all successful people know: Nothing is ever done until you take action.


It is amazing to see all that is going on around us and it is people of action who make it all happen.


A bit of research can save you hours, days of time correcting mistakes that you never had to make in the first place.


Only the foolish insist on making their own mistakes when they can learn from the mistakes of others. Only the wise will understand that success leaves clues, and those clues are there for you to use to achieve great things.


Always remember that the lessons you learn in life are never meant just for you. They are like all our gifts, they are meant to be used and shared, never horded and hidden.


There is only one way to success, wealth and achievement and that is through a lot of hard work.


The road to success and achievement can be a busy highway – crowded and noisy, full of hazards and tie-ups. Every now and then, you need to take the side roads, get away from the rush, and enjoy the trip.


Successful people have always been the ones to learn from the mistakes of others as well as from their successes.


A goal that is set in your head is only a wish and holds as much form as smoke.


Here is one of the biggest reasons why keeping your goals in your mind only is dangerous: your brain leaks!


If you are serious about your goals and you truly desire to achieve your dreams, you must write them down.


Writing out your goals is the first action in a chain of many on the road to achievement.


Success-minded people need to understand that the small voice inside them is there for a reason.


Success-minded people must understand that we cannot arrive at our destination the same as we left. Just as things will be different, you too must be different.


Our body is the vehicle that we are given for our journey and if we do not take care of it, we will find ourselves broken down on the side of the road facing costly and time-consuming repairs.



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